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eBay Unveils AI-Powered Image Enhancement for Sellers

eBay has launched a new AI-driven tool that empowers sellers to elevate their product listings by automatically replacing image backgrounds with custom, AI-generated backdrops. The feature, initially available for iOS users in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany, will soon extend to Android devices in the coming months.

This innovative tool, which leverages the open-source Stable Diffusion model, allows sellers to showcase their products against visually appealing backgrounds such as stylish tabletops or brand-specific color schemes. By doing so, eBay aims to assist sellers who may lack professional photography equipment or expertise, enabling them to create more attractive and professional-looking listings.

eBay’s move follows similar initiatives by e-commerce giants Amazon and Google, who introduced AI-based image enhancement tools for advertisers last year. This latest development builds upon eBay’s previous offering, which used computer vision to provide white backgrounds for listings. It also complements eBay’s AI-powered title and description generator, introduced a year ago, further streamlining the listing process for sellers.