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Genspark, a New AI-Powered Search Engine, Aims to Outperform Perplexity

Move over, Perplexity. Genspark, a new AI-powered search engine, has been launched with the aim of providing better search results than the many other attempts out there. The platform taps generative AI to write custom summaries, called Sparkpages, in response to search queries by consolidating information from various websites and enriching it with comprehensive data.

Genspark’s approach involves categorizing search queries, organizing results, and presenting them in a visually appealing format. For instance, travel-related searches display a Wikipedia-like Sparkpage with a table of contents, videos, tips, and a chatbot, while product searches feature pros and cons, reviews, and comments from various sources.

The startup, co-founded by Eric Jing and Kay Zhu, claims to favor authoritative and popular webpages to filter out potentially unreliable information. However, some ethically questionable search results and potential for plagiarism remain concerns.

Genspark plans to license copyrighted content and introduce premium features in the future, although the specifics of its business model are yet to be determined. The company has raised $60 million in a seed round led by Lanchi Ventures, valuing it at $260 million post-money.