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Kyutai Unveils Moshi: Lightning-Fast AI Chatbot Outpaces ChatGPT with Advanced Voice Recognition

French AI company Kyutai has introduced Moshi, a innovative AI chatbot that promises to revolutionize voice-based interactions. Built on the 7B parameter Helium language model, Moshi offers several advantages over ChatGPT’s upcoming Advanced Voice Mode:

  1. Rapid response: Moshi replies in just 200 milliseconds, outpacing GPT-4o’s 232-320 millisecond response time.
  2. Tone recognition: The chatbot can interpret and understand voice tone nuances.
  3. Interrupt capability: Users can interject during Moshi’s responses.
  4. Offline functionality: Moshi operates without an internet connection.
  5. Diverse voice options: It speaks in various accents and 70 emotional styles.
  6. Simultaneous audio processing: Moshi can listen and speak concurrently.

Developed by a small team of eight researchers in just six months, Moshi was trained on 100,000 synthetic dialogues. Kyutai aims to make Moshi open-source, prioritizing user privacy and safety. While currently a research prototype, Moshi showcases significant advancements in AI-powered voice interactions, including plans for audio identification and watermarking integration.