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Poe Unveils New Revenue Model Allowing AI Bot Creators to Earn per Message

New Revenue Model Unveiled by Poe Empowers AI Bot Creators to Earn per Message Poe, the AI chatbot platform under Quora’s wing, has rolled out a novel revenue model enabling bot creators to monetize each message sent by users. This introduction, disclosed on Monday, offers creators the ability to assign a price to individual messages, thereby paving a new path for revenue generation in addition to the revenue-sharing program initiated in October 2023.

Originally launched in February 2023, Poe offers a diverse array of AI chatbots, including those from prominent developers such as OpenAI, Anthropic, and Google. The platform aims to provide users with a centralized hub to explore various AI technologies while simultaneously serving as a potential content source for Quora.

This innovative revenue model from Quora provides a fresh angle to the creator economy, rewarding both prompt bot creators and developers who integrate server bots with Poe’s AI. Despite the delay since the announcement last fall, the per-message fee option is now live, as confirmed by Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo.

D’Angelo clarified that Poe users will continue to see message points, while creators will receive compensation in dollars. The CEO emphasized the importance of this pricing mechanism in covering operational costs for developers with substantial model inference or API expenses.

This new revenue model is anticipated to catalyze the emergence of diverse bot categories, spanning tutoring, knowledge dissemination, personal assistants, data analysis, storytelling, and image generation.

Initially available exclusively to U.S. bot creators, the per-message revenue model is slated for global expansion in the future. It complements Poe’s existing creator monetization program, which rewards creators with up to $20 per user subscribing to Poe through their bots.

In conjunction with the per-message revenue model, Poe has introduced an advanced analytics dashboard. This tool provides creators with insights into average earnings across paywalls, subscriptions, and messages, facilitating a deeper understanding of pricing strategies and their impact on bot usage and revenue.