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Anthropic Targets Enterprises with New “Team” Plan for Generative AI Capabilities, Launches iOS App

Generative AI pioneer Anthropic is setting its sights on the lucrative enterprise market, unveiling a new premium “Team” offering squarely aimed at businesses across industries looking to integrate advanced language AI into their operations. The well-funded startup, fresh off a $4 billion investment from Amazon, is also releasing a dedicated iOS app to make its flagship AI assistant Claude more accessible across devices.

Anthropic’s new Team plan caters specifically to enterprises, including those in highly regulated sectors like healthcare, finance, and legal. It delivers higher-priority access to the company’s powerful Claude 3 AI models along with enhanced admin controls, user management capabilities, and expanded usage limits compared to Anthropic’s existing individual Pro offering.

“The Team plan is designed for businesses of all sizes that want to give employees access to Claude’s advanced language capabilities in a controlled, trusted environment,” said Scott White, Anthropic’s product lead. He cited growing enterprise demand to deploy generative AI like Claude across organizations.

A key advantage of the Team tier is a vastly increased 200,000-token context window – around 150,000 words – enabling Claude to ingest and parse substantially more surrounding context to maintain rich understanding and narrative flow during extended conversations and document processing workflows.

Team also brings new enterprise-friendly features like collaboration canvases for multiple users to jointly work on AI-generated projects and documents. Robust model performance benchmarking, data integration with internal repositories, and AI-assisted citation capabilities to validate outputs are also on the roadmap.

The premium plan represents a strategic push by Anthropic to capture greater market share as more businesses move from experimentation to full-scale AI deployment in pursuit of transformative outcomes and efficiencies. Corporate spending on generative AI solutions is projected to surge in coming years, reaching $15.1 billion by 2027 according to IDC forecasts.

Complementing its enterprise offensive, Anthropic is launching a new iOS app allowing users to access the full Claude experience across devices. The app syncs chat histories, offers image analysis powered by Claude’s multimodal capabilities, and provides another intuitive interface for engaging with the AI assistant.

As demand for generative AI skyrockets across the corporate world, Anthropic is leveraging its substantial resources and technical edge to position Claude as an essential enterprise-grade AI solution. The company’s ambitious multi-platform roadmap signals its intent to be a dominant force shaping how businesses strategically harness the potential of large language models.