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Atlassian Launches ‘Rovo’ – An AI Assistant to Streamline Enterprise Workflows Alongside Human Teams

At its Team ’24 conference in Las Vegas, Atlassian unveiled Rovo, a powerful new AI assistant designed to supercharge productivity and collaboration across the enterprise. Rovo harnesses Atlassian’s “cloud teamwork graph” data foundation to provide AI-powered search, automation, and virtual assistant capabilities that integrate seamlessly into existing workflows.

The innovative offering revolves around three core pillars – helping teams efficiently find and access relevant information, learn and understand that data, and ultimately take action by executing tasks. Rovo can surface insights from Atlassian’s own tools like Jira and Confluence as well as integrate data from a wide array of third-party SaaS applications like Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, Slack, GitHub and more.

“Rovo is a large knowledge model for organizations – a knowledge discovery product for every knowledge worker,” explained Sherif Mansour, Head of Product for Atlassian Intelligence. “We’re finally at the genesis of generative AI landing to help accelerate what teams can do.”

A key challenge Rovo tackles is the proliferation of disparate data silos across the multitude of tools modern enterprises employ. Its conversational AI interface and advanced semantic search allow users to query for information using natural language across all connected data sources in a unified, permissioned manner.

But Rovo goes beyond just AI-powered enterprise search. It introduces “Rovo Agents” – virtual AI teammates that can synthesize complex data, break down tasks, continuously learn, and collaborate alongside human counterparts. These agents can generate content, review documentation, triage issues, provide recommendations and even automate workflows based on triggers like Jira issue updates.

“Rovo Agents will transform teamwork with their ability to partner with human teammates to make critical and complex decisions,” stated Mansour. “The future of teamwork is teammates working alongside virtual teammates – agents.”

The no-code conversational interface allows anyone to easily build and customize Rovo Agents tuned to their team’s specific needs without requiring programming knowledge. This democratization of AI-powered automation and task delegation has potential to drive substantial productivity gains.

As AI capabilities rapidly advance, Atlassian is positioning Rovo as an AI-fueled “force multiplier” that elevates teams’ effectiveness by streamlining data access, augmenting human intelligence, and offloading tedious tasks to virtual co-workers. The product underscores Atlassian’s vision of fluent human-AI collaboration defining the future of enterprise teamwork and workflows.