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us lawmaker ai education

US Lawmakers Went Back to Classroom to understand AI

US lawmakers are embarking on a journey of education and deliberation to grapple with the complexities of AI governance. Representative Don Beyer's decision to pursue a master’s degree in machine learning at George Mason University epitomizes this commitment to understanding. Beyer's proactive approach underscores the recognition among lawmakers that navigating the AI landscape requires more…

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google ai editor magic pixels

Google Extends AI-Powered Editing Suite, Including Magic Editor, to All Google Photos Users at No Cost

Google has announced a significant expansion of its editing capabilities for Google Photos, making advanced AI-powered tools, such as the Magic Editor, accessible to all users for free. Previously exclusive to Pixel devices and paid subscribers, features like Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, Portrait Light, and others will now be available to a wider audience. This…

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Multiverse, UK’s Leading Edtech Unicorn, Acquires AI Intelligence Platform Searchlight

In a significant move, Multiverse, a prominent UK tech firm, has acquired Searchlight, an AI talent software company, aiming to address skill gaps in businesses. Multiverse's innovative approach blends work and learning to democratize economic opportunities, tackling skill shortages through pioneering apprenticeships that leverage human-centered coaching, AI, and technology. With over 1,000 organizational partnerships, Multiverse…

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