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WhatsApp Update Introduces Meta AI

Meta has launched a game-changing feature across its messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. The new Meta AI, powered by the advanced LLaMA 3 language model, brings generative AI capabilities directly into everyday conversations.

Meta AI: The Next-Gen Messaging Assistant

This innovative AI assistant, trained on an impressive 15 trillion tokens, offers a wide range of functionalities. Users can now generate content, explore topics in-depth, and accomplish tasks without leaving their preferred Meta app. The AI responds to queries, provides information, and even engages in casual conversation, all while maintaining a friendly and personalized tone.

How to Access Meta AI on WhatsApp

To use Meta AI on WhatsApp, users need to update their app. A distinctive purple-blue ring icon will appear, which opens the AI chat when clicked. In group chats, users can summon the AI by typing @MetaAI before their message.

Versatile Features: From Text to Images

Meta AI’s capabilities extend beyond text-based interactions. It can generate images based on user descriptions, assist with work-related tasks like email composition, and even fetch news updates from specified sources.

Current Limitations and Future Improvements

While the AI performs impressively in most scenarios, some limitations have been noted. It may occasionally provide irrelevant answers in group chats, and its image generation results can appear artificial. However, these issues may be addressed in future updates.

Privacy and Security Measures

Privacy concerns are addressed by Meta’s assurance that personal messages and calls remain end-to-end encrypted. The AI only responds to messages that explicitly mention @MetaAI.

Availability and Language Support

Currently, Meta AI supports only English in India and is accessible via for desktop users. While there’s no direct way to disable Meta AI on WhatsApp, users can delete the AI chat thread to remove it from their contact list.

As AI technology continues to evolve, Meta AI represents a significant step towards integrating advanced AI capabilities into our daily digital communications.